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Minor in Possession Lawyer in College Station Texas

Zealous Defense for Underage Alcohol Charges

Minor in possession charges arise when an individual under the age of 21 is arrested for illegally having alcohol in their possession. These citations typically occur in parties, nightclubs or while riding in a vehicle containing alcohol. While a minor is allowed to be near alcohol, he or she is not allowed to consume, purchase, or make contact with alcohol, including constructive possession situations. We understand how frightening it is to learn of your child's brush with the law. As a parent, you may be worried about their future, how this charge can affect their chances of getting in to college, etc.

What actions are considered constructive possession?

  • Holding a friend's beer
  • Picking up empty beer cans and cups
  • Sitting next to alcohol in your car

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Penalties for Minor in Possession Charges in Texas

Texas laws are strict when it comes to underage drinking. As a result, minors facing alcohol charges can be subjected to severe penalties.

Some of the consequences of a minor in possession charge include:

  • Community service
  • Alcohol education or abuse programs
  • Jail time for subsequent offenses

Fighting to Protect Your Child's Future

Our priority is to keep your child out of jail and to protect his or her record from affecting their opportunities when applying to colleges, for scholarships, and jobs. We can explore a number of options, including diversion or deferred sentencing. When your child completes the terms of the sentence, then the conviction is essentially dismissed and sealed from the public and only accessible by law enforcement agencies under certain conditions.

Former Prosecutor & Law Enforcement Insider

College Station, Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Craig Greening - our founder - is a former prosecutor who spent years navigating the criminal justice system. He understands how the law approaches cases involving minors and alcohol, and he is ready to use his years of seasoned knowledge and proven defenses to help your child get through this difficult time.

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