Waco, TX
Situations involving lawyers are often not only unpleasant but downright scary. However, after my experience with everyone at Greening Law, I’m pleasantly surprised to say that was not my case at all. From the second I walked in the door, Ms. Baeza manifested an atmosphere of warmth and welcome. She exceeded my expectations of professionalism with a personal touch I haven’t seen elsewhere. Fearing things were too good to be true with a bar set so high from the beginning, my meeting with Mr. Greening proved my fear ungrounded. As started with Ms. Baeza, Mr. Greening continued to alleviate my concerns and trepidation with a sincere quality to our conversation I had not felt from other firms. While I hope I can avoid situations involving the need for a lawyer in the future, I feel SAFE and SECURE knowing the Greening Law Group is in my corner.