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Defending Intoxication Manslaughter Charges

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Intoxication manslaughter is a charge that results when an individual kills another person while driving intoxicated. The victim can be a passenger, another driver, or a pedestrian. The victim's death can also be a result of the injuries caused, and not necessarily immediately at the time of the crash. Intoxication manslaughter is a serious charge, so call an experienced College Station Texas intoxication manslaughter attorney at Greening Law, PC immediately the moment the accident occurred.

We can get to work immediately to investigate the details of the crash, whether or not intoxication was a factor, and whether or not your alleged intoxication caused the victim's death. You can count on us to aggressively look into every detail and every shred of evidence in order to weaken the prosecutor's case.

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Intoxication Manslaughter Penalties

In Texas, intoxication manslaughter can be charged as a felony, which can lead to serious penalties if convicted.

Penalties for intoxication manslaughter can include:

  • Up to 20 years in prison
  • Up to $10,000 in fines
  • Additional penalties for each victim killed
  • Community service

The penalties are assessed according to the severity of the crime and the number of victims. If there are multiple victims, a judge may stack the punishments, resulting in possibly longer jail time and higher fines. There is a lot at stake here, including your freedom and future, so don't delay in working with a criminal defense lawyer in College Station, TX.

Fight Your Charges with a Former Prosecutor

As a former district attorney and county attorney, our lead College Station, TX criminal defense lawyer has handled numerous DWI felony cases, including those involving intoxication manslaughter. We understand how the state prepares cases and how they investigate. We can use this insider knowledge to your advantage when preparing your defense.

Our lead attorney, Craig Greening, is also Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law. This means that he has earned the right to call himself a specialist in criminal trial law, a distinction that only less than 10% of attorneys can claim. He brings his in-depth knowledge of criminal law and cutting-edge trial strategies to each client who comes to our office.

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