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Drug Possession with Intent

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Drug possession with intent charges in Texas typically involve harsh punishments, including prison time, fines, and a driver's license suspension. If you are facing charges with drug possession with intent, we urge you to explore your potential defenses with our College Station Texas drug possession with intent lawyers at Greening Law, PC. Don't plead guilty without putting up a fight. There is hope, and we intend to battle these charges alongside you until the very end.

We can defend any type of drug possession charges, including intent to:

  • Sell
  • Traffic
  • Distribute
  • Manufacture

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Cutting-Edge Defense to Drug Charges

In drug possession with intent cases, the crucial elements that the prosecutor must prove are whether the drugs in your possession actually belonged to you and whether you had intent to distribute or sell them. As a former prosecutor, our lead attorney knows exactly how law enforcement officials investigate, how they obtain their evidence, and the shortcuts that they take to arrest defendants. We can launch our own investigation, scrutinizing search and seizure procedures, questioning whether the prosecutor has enough evidence to convict you, and exploring sophisticated defense methods. Inside and outside of court, we work hard to deliver favorable outcomes to each client.

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With over 26 years of experience tackling criminal cases, we have earned a reputation as fierce defenders and trusted advocates for criminal defendants. Our lead attorney is Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law, a distinction earned through years of hard work and dedication to the field.

We understand what is at stake in drug possession cases and how these charges can affect your future. Our team is ready to use our collective experience and knowledge to fight for your freedom.

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