On November 7, a Sunday, after landing in Houston, Texas, Attorney Sarah Wilkinson travelled to Austin for a client’s Federal Detention Hearing scheduled for the next morning. In order to help prepare for this quick turnaround, the Greening Law Group team worked diligently to file motions and other important letters to the courts, ensuring all of our client’s needs were met before he and Sarah entered the courtroom. Due to her extensive experience in various federal cases, Sarah won Monday morning’s Detention Hearing, and her client was released from custody and able to return home to his family.

Although federal cases are similar to state cases in terms of processes and case stages, the prosecutors are different and federal cases typically proceed at a much faster pace. Additionally, state cases in Texas require an attorney to have passed the Texas Bar exam, but federal courts require the attorney to be licensed in that specific federal district. For this reason, both Sarah Wilkinson and Craig Greening have taken the extra steps to become licensed attorneys in three federal districts to fulfill their commitment to representing clients in various situations.

Your federal case is serious and complicated and should be treated as such. Federal prosecutors have increased resources and can therefore field aggressive investigations into your case. In order to protect yourself, you deserve a defense that is just as aggressive and strategic. If you have been charged with a federal offense, it is imperative that you reach out to an attorney that has successfully helped their clients achieve desired outcomes in their federal cases. There is nowhere this is more important than at The Greening Law Group, where we are focused on one mission: winning where it matters, in the courtroom and in life.