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Intake Associate

Part-time position with opportunity to transition into full-time.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis

The ideal candidate will have strong oral and written skills, is highly organized and process-driven, and has a passion for helping people in need. This position is of utmost importance, as the Intake team is the first point of contact a prospective client will have with our firm before meeting with an Attorney.

The Intake Associate will work closely with the Intake Director and the Office Manager to ensure accurate record-keeping and successful intake practices. This position will also interact with all attorneys in the office throughout the intake process.

The ideal candidate must be comfortable with speaking with individuals of all backgrounds and personalities, as well as with learning and understanding the local court systems. During the intake process, it is critical that we have all the correct information from the beginning, so we expect the candidate to have strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

The candidate must be comfortable with learning to draft legal contracts and writing/editing additional documents on behalf of the firm. The position includes on the job training for these matters.

Additional administrative responsibilities may include answering phones, setting up prospect or client appointments, and running small office errands on occasion.


  • Speaking with prospective clients, gathering information, answering questions (as appropriate), and setting for appointments.

  • Assisting with maintaining Files and Database to ensure everything is documented accurately.

  • Maintaining Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

  • E-file - filing legal documents online.

  • Answering phones, setting up appointments, interacting with clients in office.

  • Drafting legal contracts (reviewed directly by attorneys).

  • Sending letters to clients on behalf of attorneys.


  • Interested in criminal law – Previous criminal law experience is a plus but not required
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Experience with CRM software (bonus if familiar with legal CRM)


  • Applicants should have excellent organization skills and attention to detail orientation.
  • Demonstrated work ethic, goal-oriented, and history of academic/career success
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, critical thinker, leader, team player, and self-managed learner.
  • Ability to work quickly and stay on task in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong attention to detail and adherence to process/documentation.


  • Completed HS or GED diploma

  • Some college experience preferred

  • On-the-Job training offered


  • Proficiency in a second language (preferred Spanish)


You will be evaluated and vetted based on your ability to follow instructions.

Do not apply through the website! Please call (979) 200-2881 for instructions.