Attorney Sarah Wilkinson began her career in criminal defense with the core belief that everyone has the right to a quality defense and the right to be heard. Last night, as she is three states away, in a different time zone than our office in College Station, Sarah’s number one priority remained her clients. One of her clients has bond conditions in place preventing contact with his wife. His wife has been hospitalized and he was not allowed to see her. Sarah had been trying for weeks to get the conditions modified so he could be with her but kept hitting roadblocks. Unfortunately, his final opportunity to be with his wife was quickly approaching. Last night, Sarah put all of her conference work on hold and contacted the hospital, the courts, the judge, and our private investigator, Greg Silber, to ensure that her client could be with his wife one more time. Sarah is committed to providing life-changing experiences for our clients and works hard to achieve that end every day.

The Greening Law Group Leadership Team is currently in Atlanta, Georgia for the annual Crisp Game Changers Summit. Here they are learning new processes and techniques to implement into our firm and thereby increase our team’s efficiency. Our goal at The Greening Law Group is to continually improve our abilities to help our clients as they go through these difficult and complicated times. Our mission remains: to win where it matters, in the courtroom and in life.