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Cailey McLain


Cailey McLain is the newest attorney to join Greening Law. Cailey was born and raised in Navasota, Texas and attended Southwestern University for her undergraduate degree. Cailey received her law degree from South Texas College of Law – Houston in May of 2018. While at South Texas, Cailey clerked for the nationally recognized criminal defense firm Bires, Schaffer, and DeBorde. However, after finishing law school, she decided to return to her roots in the Brazos Valley to practice law. She began clerking for Greening Law and was hired as an attorney after she successfully passed the Texas Bar Exam in November of 2018.

Cailey has assisted with multiple high-profile state and federal cases, including a “Not Guilty” verdict within her first month of practice. Since then, she has helped win multiple trials with partner, Craig Greening. The bulk of Cailey’s practice is focused on indigent defense, where she takes cases in several counties in rural Texas for individuals who cannot afford to hire an attorney. She aims to focus on fighting hard for each client, no matter their circumstances.

In October of 2019, at the age of 26, Cailey became the youngest attorney in the nation to ever receive the “Lawyer-Scientist” designation by the American Chemical Society. This designation is given to attorneys who complete courses on Forensic Chromatography, Solid-Drug, and Driving Under the Influence of Drugs at Axion Labs in Chicago, Illinois. Less than 100 attorneys across the nation have successfully completed these courses. Cailey has joined the ranks with some of the sharpest, and most successful DWI and drug attorneys in the nation.

Attorneys who receive the Lawyer-Scientist Designation study valid and legitimate science relating to drug and alcohol cases and apply it in the courtroom. Cailey’s knowledge from these courses helps to ensure her clients’ life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are not compromised by bad science.

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