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Being charged with assault or domestic violence in Texas can result in penalties ranging from a fine to a lengthy prison term. In all cases, you will wind up with a permanent criminal record that can negatively impact your qualification for future life opportunities. Because of this, you need to ensure that you have top-quality legal representation in your corner as soon as possible. Don’t wait call, our experienced attorney today.

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Facing any type of assault and domestic violence charge can have serious consequences. That is why we strongly advise that you seek the experienced, professional representation you will find at The Greening Law Group.

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Your freedom and future may depend on the quality of your legal support.
At The Greening Law Group, we stand ready to support you and deliver the aggressive, thorough and proven strategic defense that you deserve.

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Facing the criminal justice system can be a stressful, uncertain, and an intimidating experience. Having the support of our firm can make the difference in how your case is decided. Call (254) 536-3535 today for a free consultation!

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I was indicted and charged with 2 counts of a second degree felony, Craig was able to get both charges dropped. I was highly impressed by his strategic/analytical brilliance, as well as how successfully he was able to dominate the trial over the judge and prosecutors. Thanks Craig.
I highly recommend him for any criminal case.

G. R.

From my experience Craig Greening is a well qualified lawyer. I was charged with a DWI, however hiring Mr. Greening as my attorney gave me the best fighting chance at a favorable outcome. Through solid defense, and skillful litigation, He was able to help me reduce my charges to a lesser offense from an otherwise life altering detrimental conviction.

M. S.

My experience with Craig Greening and his staff has been beyond exceptional. I was able to get all of my questions answered when I needed them and information was put out to me whenever I needed it. Craig and his staff helped me through a tough time in my life, making my experience as smooth as possible. I recommend Craig’s office to anyone that needs legal help or advice.

K. R.

What Makes The Greening Law Group Different?

As a Board Certified specialist since 2005, our lead attorney Craig Greening has met rigorous qualifications and maintained high-level expertise in criminal law that less than 10% of Texas attorneys reach in any legal field. You can count on our respected firm to provide world-class defense.

How Can We Help With Your Case?

We have the proven ability to win for clients in high-profile cases. Our determination, tenacity, and insight can level the playing field for you, even if you’re facing charges heavily not in your favor.

As seasoned litigators, we understand that litigation is not a game but rather a fight for justice for you or your loved ones. Discover how we can fight for you today!

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At The Greening Law Group we offer passionate, insightful advocacy that may be able to protect you from unfair penalties and wrongful convictions. Our founding Attorney, Craig Greening has worked on DWI and Felony cases from both sides of the courtroom. He brings to each case his high-powered legal advocacy and his unwavering pursuit of the best possible outcome.

We provide aggressive representation to individuals who are facing criminal charges across College Station and Waco.

Our team is comprised of a group of fierce College Station Texas criminal defense attorneys who are passionate about defending clients inside and outside of court. We dedicate the necessary time and resources to fight for the best possible outcome because we understand what is at stake in each criminal case.

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Take advantage of the high-powered advocacy and dedication we bring to every case. Call (254) 379-9385 now to get started with your free consultation.